Tuesday, 28 August 2018

The Rolling Stones - No Security (1998)



1. Intro
2. You Got Me Rocking
3. Gimme Shelter
4. Flip The Switch
5. Memory Motel
6. Corinna
7. Saint Of Me
8. Waiting On A Friend
9. Sister Morphine
10. Live With Me
11. Respectable
12. Thief In The Night
13. The Last Time
14. Out Of Control                          

A little mentioned Stones live album, which includes showcased material from Bridges To Babylon. There is excellent sound quality and some interesting highlights are a cover of the blues song Corinna Corinna; the rousing, rocking Flip The Switch; the moody Saint Of Me; Keith's plaintive Thief In The Night and, ending with The Last Time, which is nice to hear.

The atmospheric, mysterious Out Of Control is fantastic also, possibly out-doing its studio version, to be honest. There is a good live atmosphere on it too, with the audience's clapping audible. When it kicks in to the full band's part, the power is impressive, as too is the tenor saxophone solo. Jagger's vocal is outstanding on this as well.

There are not too many You Got Me Rocking live cuts, strangely enough, so it is a pleasure to hear it here, delivered so powerfully.

There is not really a full concert feeling to the collection, of course, as there are only fourteen tracks on it. Overall, though, it is a most underrated live album. I enjoy listening to it every now and again because of the different material on it.


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