Tuesday, 28 August 2018

The Rolling Stones - Live At L.A. Forum (1975)


Recorded live in concert in Los Angeles, 1975

This Rolling Stones From The Vault Archive Official Bootleg from 1975 is a seriously good release. It is the superior product to Love You Live in that the sound is surprisingly clearer than what was an official release and this was originally a “bootleg”. The sound rocks, it really does. Big, full, clear and bassy. The setlist is one complete concert and for that reason the band sounds more “up for it”. Love You Live is derived from several different performances and at times the band sounds a bit lazy, despite Keith’s sterling work throughout. Not so here. Everyone is on top form.

Highlights are Honky Tonk Women, If You Can”t Rock Me/Get Off My Cloud, Fingerprint File, Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, You Gotta Move and the two Billy Preston tracks, That’s Life and Outa-Space. Doo Doo Heartbreaker is superb and funky, Angie is beautiful as always, and You Can’t Always Get What You Want has a great saxophone bit in it.

There is some seriously impressive stuff on here. Although it does get a bit scrappy towards the end as live shows often do. Bands always seem to put more effort into playing their lesser-known numbers at the beginning of the set as compared to running through the popular ones at the end. Understandable really. However, The Stones are often particularly guilty of it.


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