Tuesday, 28 August 2018

The Rolling Stones - Flashpoint (1990)


An official live release of material selected from various gigs in the late eighties, although it plays like one gig. It has a great sound quality - clear, thumping and deliciously full of bass attack. Notable inclusions are an effervescent, rocking "Sad Sad Sad" complete with horn section backing; a bluesy, acoustic-driven "Factory Girl"; an also acoustic "Ruby Tuesday"; Keith's gently appealing "Can't Be Seen" (given a pulsating rock groove here); the authentic blues of "Little Red Rooster" (not often played)*; the late eighties synthy "Rock and A Hard Place" and the sixties romp of "Paint It, Black".

"Jumping Jack Flash" is played with an addictive energy and enthusiasm and "Start Me Up" is a rousing, crowd pleasing opener.  "Satisfaction", at the very end, is played with a breakneck punky intensity. It has a real live, improvised appeal, with its "can you hear me one time, two time, three times, four time..." call and response part. "Sympathy For The Devil" is barnstorming too.

The album suffers just a tiny bit from not being a full concert, but it it functions with more continuity than did "Still Life".

Interesting studio cuts included on the CD are the energetic, rocking and riffy political single, "Highwire" and the dance-ish and leery "Sex Drive".

* "Little Red Rooster" features Eric Clapton on guitar here and a mighty performance it is too.


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