Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Jackson 5 - ABC (1970)


Released February 1970

Recorded in Detroit

This, of course, is basically a fun, enjoyable teenage (almost sub-teenage) album. It is excellent, invigorating, effervescent quality Motown pop, however and should be assessed positively as such. It is simply an enjoyable half hour's listen that will put you in a better mood for the day.

The hit singles "The Love You Save" and "ABC" follow that bubblegum-ish formula, but they are classic infectious, singalong pop, as to is the similar "One More Chance". "2-4-6-8" is another playground-inspired song to win over a young audience. There is also some good soul material on here too - "(Come Round Here) I'm The One You Need", "Never Had A Dream Come True" and "True Love Can Be Beautiful". Michael could carry a soul song, even at such a young age. The cover of The Delfonics' "La La Means I Love You" is convincing and "I'll Bet You" is a surprisingly funky, horn-driven Temptations-esque number that is delivered in a mature style beyond their energetic years. "Found That Girl" has Jermaine on lead vocals and also has a solid soulfulness.

The sound quality is excellent too. Quality Motown stereo.


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