Thursday, 9 August 2018

The Beatles - Love (2006)


To be honest, I am not sure of the point of this album. It was a compilation of snippets of various Beatles songs brought together by Giles Martin, the son of Beatles producer George. It is a brave, adventurous effort from Giles, the tracks all link into each other and have been remastered fantastically. However, for me, there is no real continuity or connection between them all. They flit willy-nilly from one to another with no coherence and often there is nowhere near enough of the songs that we are so familiar with. Many of them end far too soon and the next snippet comes along. As I said, I don't quite see the point in it. I own it, but it is not for me. If I want The Beatles all mixed up, I just play all their tracks on random.

C- (it just doesn't work for me)

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