Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Queen - Live At The Rainbow (1974)


Two live concerts from London's Rainbow from 1974

Both gigs are from London's legendary Rainbow Theatre, one from April 1974, highlighting material from "Queen II", the other sees the band returning in triumph in November of the same year, hot on the heels of the chart success of "Killer Queen" and the album "Sheer Heart Attack".

The sound quality is excellent considering the date of recording, as good as we could possibly hope for. Quite why it took forty-odd years to release this material is both astonishing and annoying. I would have loved to hear this in 1975-76.

I wish Queen had performed "The March Of The Black Queen" in its magnificent entirety as opposed to playing 1 minute 35 seconds of it as part of a "medley". Same with "Killer Queen". The use of "medleys" was one thing that annoyed me about Queen's live performances. The "rock n roll medley" was bad enough, but understandable, but when they did it with their own songs, it frustrated.

Never mind, there is some excellent material on here - great versions of "Father To Son", "Ogre Battle", "White Queen", "Liar" and a superbly powerful "Now I'm Here".

A great memory of when Queen really rocked. Forget "Radio Ga Ga" etc. This was Queen at their best.


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