Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Paul Weller - Live Wood (1994)

Running time 63.54


1. Bull Rush/Magic Bus
2. This Is No Time
3. All The Pictures On The Wall
4. Remember How We Started
5. Above The Clouds
6. Wild Wood
7. Shadow Of The Sun
8. Can You Heal Us (Holy Man)
9. 5th Season
10. Into Tomorrow
11. Foot Of The Mountain
12. Sunflower
13. Has My Fire Really Gone Out?

Paul Weller's first live album and possibly his finest. It has a superb bassy, full, powerful sound. It features material from his first two solo albums.The songs from the debut album are just sumptuously beautiful at times - the romantic "Remember How We Started", the soulful "Above The Clouds" and the rocking opener "Bull Rush", which mutates briefly into The Who's "Magic Bus".

"This is No Time" has some great drum/keyboard rhythm and features first some Spanish guitar then a storming electric guitar solo at the end. Weller's original band are tight as a gnat's chuff on this album. Although it is taken from a few different shows on the same tour, it plays like a full set list.

"All The Pictures On The Wall" is powerful in that early seventies Traffic-influenced way, and, of course, "Wild Wood" is just wonderful and atmospheric. The extended workout of "Shadow Of The Sun" is awesome. Weller attacks each song with a real unbridled enthusiasm, particularly this one. "Sunflower" has a great drum sound and some searing guitar too. There is a real energy to this album.


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