Wednesday, 1 August 2018

David Bowie - Who Can I Be Now? Box Set


Included in this box set are:-

Diamond Dogs (1974)
David Live (1974)
David Live (Tony Visconti Remaster)
The Gouster (1975)
Young Americans (1975)
Station To Station (1976)
Station To Station (Harry Maslin Remix)
Live at Nassau Coliseum (1976)
Re:Call 2 - Singles and 'b' sides

Click on the highlighted albums for their individual, in depths reviews.

All the remasters are excellent, although I also have time for the 1999 remasters and the "anniversary" remasters of "Diamond Dogs", "Young Americans" and "Station To Station".

The live Nassau Coliseum double album is excellent both in sound quality. Really enjoyable. Some have criticised it, but I at a loss to understand why. The Tony Visconti remaster of "David Live" is a revelation and the Harry Maslin "Station To Station" remix is a wonderful listen, really enhancing the album in places. I don't subscribe to this "holy grail" status applied to these albums, in that they cannot undergone new mixes. I am quite happy with them. Bowie was alive when they were done, so he, the great innovator, was presumably happy with them too.

The "single versions" of songs are of no interest to me. I invariably prefer the album versions. Indeed, the single edition of "Young Americans" is an act of despicable butchery and should never, ever, be listened to.


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