Saturday, 28 July 2018

The Police - The Police (Best Of)


The Police were always more of a “singles” band (although they released five great albums), for many, it is these well-known tracks that are the ones they want.

The white reggae of “Roxanne”, “So Lonely”, “Walking On The Moon” and “I Can’t Stand Losing You”; the rock of “De Doo Do Do” and “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”; the bleak, grinding intensity of “Synchronicity” and the iconic, passionate, but slightly creepy “Every Breath You Take”, which was, of course, a huge number one hit. If you add to that the infuriatingly catchy "Message In A Bottle"; another slice of reggae in "This Bed's Too Big Without You"; the melodic rock of "Bring On The Night" and the beguiling "Spirits In The Material World". That is already a fine batch of songs. Singer Sting's vaguely pretentious posturings have put many people off the group over the years, but putting that aside, some of the material on here is quality and should be recognised as such.

It is good to have the band's first punk single, "Fall Out" included, with Sting's higher pitched voice sounding faintly ludicrous. The Police never made convincing punks (they were too old, for a start), so it was not before time when they left that behind. Their "white reggae" was never truly authentic, but as far as white reggae goes, they were probably up there with as good as it got. "This Bed's Too Big Without You" was particularly genuine-sounding.

Lots and lots of great tracks that serve as an excellent introduction to this classic three piece band, who, for a short while, ruled the world. The album has been remastered and the sound quality is excellent.


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