Thursday, 12 July 2018

Dr. Feelgood - All Through The City (with Wilko box set) (1974-1977)


Recorded between 1974 and 1977

This box set covers the first four Dr. Feelgood albums - “Down By The Jetty”, “Malpractice”, the live album ”Stupidity” and “Sneaking’ Suspicion”. It is a wonderful collection of the finest, down and dirty, pure rocking r’n’b to come out of the UK. The sound is remastered here and is as good as I have ever heard it. The debut album is still in is original mono (the only way it was ever recorded), but on here it packs a real punch and makes your floorboards shake. “Malpractice” is much better sounding than any previous incarnations, as indeed is “Stupidity”, the band’s now legendary chart-topping live album that brought them to the nation’s attention back in 1975.

In many ways, Dr.Feelgood were a precursor to punk rock - full of attitude, sub three minute thrashes of songs, played at breakneck pace. They played packed, sweaty small venues and made the walls drip. When punk arrived, the Feelgoods remained respected, by pretty much everyone.

The “Sneaking’ Suspicion” album is not quite as good, but only a little bit. All the material is enjoyable. There are a fair few extras- demos, unreleased tracks and the like. There is nothing Dr.Feelgood put out that is not enjoyable, to be honest. This is just a great testament to what a sensational band they were. This is them at their early, energetic, scintillating best.


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