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UB40 - Labour Of Love (1983)

Keep on moving....


Released on 12 September 1983

Running Time 39:52

Recorded at the Manor Mobile Studio while on tour

UB40 have always suffered from something of a credibility problem - some people perceiving them as not being “real reggae” and so on. Never mind that, the band were obviously true reggae aficionados and they kept the faith and helped to introduce reggae to those who may not otherwise have listened to it. Fair play to them. This is a good album of commercial reggae, end of story. It hasn’t been remastered but the sound is still big, bold and bassy, as it should be. 

TRACK LISTING (in brackets are the reggae artists who recorded the songs)

1. Cherry Oh Baby (Eric Donaldson)

2. Keep On Moving (Bob Marley & The Wailers)
3. Please Don't Make Me Cry (Winston Groovy)
4. Sweet Sensation (The Melodians)
5. Johnny Too Bad (The Slickers)
6. Red Red Wine (Tony Tribe)
7. Guilty (taken from Isaac Hayes' "I Stand Accused")
8. She Caught The Train (Tony B's All Stars)
9. Version Girl (Boy Friday)
10. Many Rivers To Cross (Jimmy Cliff)                 

The covers are of a high standard - Eric Donaldson’s “Cherry Oh Baby”, Bob Marley’s “Keep On Moving”, Winston Groovy’s lovely “Please Don’t Make Me Cry”, Jimmy Cliff’s iconic “Many Rivers To Cross” and, of course, Tony Tribe’s “Red Red Wine”. All singalong stuff immaculately played. Not forgetting either the dubby “Version Girl” or the saxophone/spoken vocal of “Guilty”My own personal favourite is The Melodians’ “Sweet Sensation”. The wonders of digital music have allowed me to program a “Labour Of Love” of the originals. Despite that, I still return to this one and Ali Campbell’s unique, unmistakable voice.

The link below includes some excellent dub versions of some of the tracks, but not, unfortunately, the promised BBC session/live cuts.


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