Thursday, 14 June 2018

Thin Lizzy - Vagabonds, Kings, Warriors, Angels BOX SET


I have this in the impressive, large size "ear book" format, which is an actual coffee-table size book with plenty of contemporary pictures of the band and a essay from an associate.

As with all box sets (unless they are "complete works") it includes between three and five of the best tracks from each album, some live tracks and a few rarities to keep fans happy (and get them to buy material they already have, of course). The rarities here are a 1978 live "b' side, "Me And The Boys" (which is an absolute hard rocking, pounding classic, by the way) and "Song For Jimi", which ad previously just been a magazine "flexi disc" giveaway. The other previously unreleased "b' sides have since appeared on the 2010 remasterings of all the band's albums.

Obviously, if you a fan, you will want all the albums, but, if like me, you like getting hold of different remasterings, then this has pretty decent remastered sound. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but the tracks from "Jailbreak" and "Johnny The Fox" (notoriously un-remastered on the 2010 "remasterings" where only the "bonus" material was remastered) seem to be of a better sound quality. Maybe they  different mastering, or maybe they just have more volume to them on this release. Either way, they sound better than the 1996 masterings currently on the individual album releases.

Whatever, this is an enjoyable collection of this vital rock band's finest material. Plus some Phil Lynott solo material thrown in for good measure, including the beautiful "Parisienne Walkways" with Gary Moore.


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