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Thin Lizzy - Nightlife (1974)

It's only money....


Released November 1974

Recorded in Worthing and London

1974’s “Nightlife” it’s a much underrated and often forgotten album in Thin Lizzy’s catalogue. After 1973’s “Vagabonds Of The Western World” had seen them move from Celtic- influenced folky rock to a more full-on heavy rock style, this album was strangely a somewhat gentle-paced, soulful album with a few hints of funk here and there. The general ambience was a late-night laid-back one. The impressive cover fits the mood, too.

It was also the first album, since the departure of guitarist Eric Bell, to feature the new two-guitar attack of Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson. They wouldn’t get to really rock out until the next album, 1975’s “Fighting”, however.


1. She Knows
2. Night Life
3. It's Only Money
4. Still In Love With You
5. Frankie Carroll
6. Showdown
7. Banshee
8. Philomena
9. Sha La La
10. Dear Heart                                                

Tracks that fitted that description were the lovely rock ballad “She Knows”; Phil Lynott’s touching melodic rock song to his mother, “Philomena”; the gentle, short instrumental “Banshee”; the touching “Dear Heart” and another great rock ballad in the concert favourite “Still In Love With You”.

There is slow-paced semi-funky rock in the excellent, sort of addictive title track, “Night Life” (spelled as two words, as opposed to the album's one word title) and also in the jazzy wah-wah funk-influenced “Showdown”.

Some “real rock” still prevails, however in the grumbling, solid funk-rock of “It’s Only Money” and the vibrant, choppy guitars of the rhythmic “Sha-La-La”. There is also a nod to Celtic folk in the short, breezy “Frankie Carroll”.

Not a typical Thin Lizzy album, for sure, but a good one and an enjoyable one. Excellent sound quality on the latest remaster and some worthwhile bonus material, including some excellent BBC live session cuts.


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