Friday, 15 June 2018

Thin Lizzy At The BBC - Six CD Box Set


The six CD release of “Thin Lizzy At The BBC” covers all the material recorded at the excellent BBC Sessions by Thin Lizzy and also some wonderful live concert recordings from both the seventies and the eighties.

Yes, there are variations in the sound quality, as is always the case with live recordings, but on the whole the BBC material is truly outstanding in sound quality, as it is for other groups who recorded at the sessions too. Most of the sound quality is, to be honest, absolutely superb. Particularly considering many of the recordings dated from the mid-seventies. There are also many duplications of tracks due to their being played at more than one session, all of which are recorded. However, there are more than enough different songs from different eras to keep most people happy. The band play solidly, bassy and loud and show just what an absolutely great live band they were.

There is an abridged two CD version also available which is more than adequate too.

Personal favourites are “Fools Gold”, “Little Girl In Bloom”, “It’s Only Money”, “Little Darling”, “Rosalie”, “Slow Blues”, “Gonna Creep Up On You”, "Black Boys On The Corner", "Sitamoia" and “The Rocker”. Many of these live versions are the equal of their studio versions. Indeed often the live ones are more powerful.

It is a much-appreciated live document of one hell of a band at their very best. Crank the volume up to floor-shaking levels and enjoy!


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