Monday, 4 June 2018

The Tom Robinson Band - TRB 2 (1979)


Released March 1979

Recorded at Rockfield Studio, Wales


1. All Right All Night
2. Why Should I Mind
3. Black Angel
4. Let My People Be
5. Blue Murder
6. Bully For You
7. Crossing Over The Road
8. Sorry Mr. Harris
9. Law And Order
10. Days Of Rage
11. Hold Out

After a superb debut album, this was an eagerly awaited follow up offfering that never really caught on. Keyboardist Mark Ambler and rummer Dolphin Taylor had left. New "members" of the band had arrived (in reality session musicians) and TRB seemed to be heading straight down the spout as soon as they had spewed out of it. This was a shame as there is some good stuff on here - the poppy "All Right All Night", (should have been a single) "Why Should I Mind", "Black Angel", "Let My People Be" and "Crossing Over The Road" are all excellent.

Possibly the standout tracks are the protest song concerning the death in Police custody of Liddle Towers, "Blue Murder" and the Peter Gabriel co-written "Bully For You".

The quality fades off at the end, though, and "Law And Order" is pretty execrable, it has to be said. Despite all that I still have a great deal of nostalgic affection for this album.

All in all, though, it was a real shame that these two albums were TRB released. They were great while they lasted. It all just fizzled out so soon, way before it should have done.


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