Monday, 4 June 2018

The Style Council - Modernism - A New Decade (1989)

That spiritual feeling....


Recorded in 1989 but not released until as part of a box set in 1999.


1. A New Decade
2. Love Of The World
3. The World Must Come Together
4. Hope (Feelings Gonna Getcha)
5. Can You Still Love Me?
6. That Spiritual Feeling
7. Everybody's On The Run
8. Sure Is Sure
9. Can You Still Love Me?                                

I am afraid to say extended mixes of dance music leave me cold. Yes, it is ok to put on and just leave it on while you do something else (like write a review, I guess!) but I struggle to gain much musical satisfaction from endless keyboard loops and pounding, metronomic drum machines. "Love Of The World" and the more vocal "Can You Love Me?" have a vague appeal. I like the intro to "That Spiritual Feeling" and the whole vibe of the sax-driven track a lot. Indeed, it would be resurrected on one of his first solo releases in 1993. "Sure Is Sure" is a bit intoxicating at times, I have to admit and it does feature Weller's voice at points in it.

Look, it is all listenable, as such, it just doesn't get my juices flowing much. Sorry to all you late 80s house fans.

I admire Paul Weller for having the sheer stubborn belief to put out an album of house music at the time. However, the fact that a few years later, having hit rock bottom, creatively, he began channelling his inner Nick Drake, Traffic and "What's Going On" era Marvin Gaye and utterly reinvented himself has to say something.


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