Monday, 4 June 2018

The Style Council - Here's Some That Got Away ('B' Sides & Rarities)


The rest of the bonus material that didn't appear on albums is dotted around on this excellent compilation album, along with the first single, "Speak Like A Child" and other excellent singles like "Long Hot Summer", "Money Go Round", "Shout To The Top", "Promised Land" and "Wanted".

There is certainly some great bonus material on here - the Northern soul-ish "Love Pains"; the soft soul of "Sweet Loving Ways"; the poppy soul of "A Casual Affair"; the sad beauty of "A Woman's Song"; the "white funk" of "Waiting On A Connection"; the soul stylings of "Night After Night" and "The Piccadilly Trail". Track after track is excellent. Many of them date from the time of "Our Favourite Shop" and possibly were considered not in line with the political message that most of the album's tracks contained. Many of the tracks here show Paul Weller's liking for both contemporary and classic soul and funk.

"My Very Good Friend" is another pop soul classic, as is the slowed down soul of "(When You) Call Me". "Big Boss Groove" is an upbeat funker in the style of "Internationalists" and "I Ain't Goin' Under" is a funky bit of protest. "Blood Sports" is as tragic as the title suggests, as is the haunting "Ghosts Of Dachau”.


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