Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Beach Boys - 20 Golden Greats


Despite the ground-breaking "genius" (as contemporaneously promoted) of "Pet Sounds", the experimental "Wild Honey" and the laid back "Sunflower" and "Holland", and ignoring the debacle that was/is "Smiley Smile" this is, for many, the best way to listen to The Beach Boys.

Hit after glorious hit. One after the other. On a sunny afternoon. It doesn't get much better.

Yes, they produced some undoubtedly wonderful albums, but in many ways the Beach Boys were a singles band. The "single" was so important in the 1960s and here they all are in all their "big wave" majesty.

Twenty greater hits it would be difficult to match.

With regard to the sound problems mentioned by reviewers of this album over various media -  a good thing to do, in this digital age, if you can, is use the newly remastered STEREO versions to make, in effect, a remastered edition of this classic "Greatest Hits" release. Or, if you prefer, make one with the MONO recordings.

Just put it on. A hour's worth of pure pleasure. It includes the often-overlooked and beautiful "Break Away" too.


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