Monday, 4 June 2018

Talking Heads - Little Creatures (1985)

Creatures of love....


Released June 1985

Recorded at Sigma Sound Studios, New York City

Running time 38.38

Very different from the heavy funk of “Speaking In Tongues”, this is a much lighter, more poppy and commercial piece of work. Again, the band changed direction while staying within their own recognisable parameters. Yes, it is clearly Talking Heads, but there are differences. 


1. And She Was

2. Give Me Back My Name
3. Creatures Of Love
4. The Lady Don't Mind
5. Perfect World
6. Stay Up Late
7. Walk It Down
8. Television Man
9. Road To Nowhere                         

“And She Was” is a great opener, almost a throwback to the quirky but harmonious material found on the debut album. “Creatures Of Love” with its pedal steel riff and light, tuneful feel is very country, nothing like the funk of the previous album. “The Lady Don’t Mind” is also a catchy gently rhythmic number. “Perfect World” almost has a laid back reggae groove and David Byrne’s voice has gone all high-pitched and soulful. 

“Stay Up Late” is another one that breaks the mould somewhat with a sort of soul/rock piano and percussion insistent backing. Just as with the previous album, it has a style of its own, yet at the same time is obviously Talking Heads. They were the masters of changing while retaining many of their perennial characteristics. 

“Television Man”, for example, is very much a track that could have been on their first two albums, yet the chorus, and Byrne’s voice has the melodious tone of most of this album.

While “Remain In Light” was loosely the band’s “tribal rhythms” album and “Speaking In Tongues” was their “funk” album, this was their “country album”. Only loosely though, but the trends are there. It also contains the big hit “Road To Nowhere”, but as with “Once In A Lifetime” it is not my favourite, not at all.


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