Monday, 4 June 2018

T. Rex - T. Rex (1970)

The time of love is now....


Released December 1970

Recorded at Trident Studios London

From 1970, Marc Bolan's first transition from folky guitar strumming pixie to the electric warrior we would all come to know and love.


1. The Children Of Rarn

2. Jewel
3. The Visit
4. Childe
5. The Time Of Love Is Now
6. Diamond Meadows
7. Root Of Star
8. Beltane Walk
9. One Inch Rock
10. Summer Deep
11. Seagull Woman
12. Sun Eye
13. The Wizard                                      

Dropping Tyrannosaurus and becoming T. Rex, Marc strapped on an electric guitar and with Mickey Finn on percussion he introduced a rocky element to his fairy, poetic semi-nonsense lyrics. Examples are Root Of Star with its stunning guitar parts, Childe which ends all to soon, the rock n roll-ish Beltane Walk, One Inch Rock and Is It Love?. In fact, pretty much all of them show include Marc's electric guitar and show just what a great guitarist he was. All against a background of Finn's rumbling bongos. They couldn't quite shake off the hippy accoutrements just yet.


Seagull Woman had the bass added to it as well, and it is consequently so powerful. It is a great underrated Bolan track - I love it. I read a quote that said that this album was "the calm before the storm of Electric Warrior". How very true. 

Why if only Marc could add a full band. How would he sound? 

Well - 1971's Electric Warrior would tell you. Before that, though, there was the little matter of six weeks at number one with Hot Love.

Below is a very nostalgic clip of T. Rex performing Hot Love on Top Of The Pops in 1971. It was seeing this that got me hooked on T. Rex. Lovely memories. Check out those "glitter tears". I remember being blown away by those at the time, for some reason.