Monday, 4 June 2018

Stiff Little Fingers - Hanx! (1980)


Recorded live in 1980 at Friars, Aylesbury and The Rainbow, London

Fantastic live album from a magnificent, raw, raucous live band. Excellent remastered sound, full, big and bassy. Of course, the highlight is the ten minute cover of Bob Marley’s Johnny Was, which was recorded at The Rainbow in London in July 1980. All the other tracks (apart from the bonus encores, which were from Aberdeen) were taken from July 1980’s performance at Friars, Aylesbury. Guess what? I was lucky enough to be there. Enough said. Great memories of a great live band. Saw them five times live in all from 1975-82.


1. Nobody's Heroes

2. Gotta Getaway
3. Wait And See
4. Barbed Wire Love
5. Fly The Flag
6. Alternative Ulster
7. Johnny Was
8. At The Edge
9. Wasted Life
10. Tin Soldiers
11. Suspect Device                                                

Great Fingers' classics on here - Nobody's Heroes; Wait And See; Fly The Flag; Tin Soldiers; Alternative Ulster; Suspect Device. All from their first two albums, which were all that had been released at the point of the gigs that were recorded.

Below is a clip of Fingers performing Barbed Wire Love and Gotta Gettaway at Friars Aylesbury. Funny to think I was right up at the front there, all those years ago, even though I can't see myself.