Saturday, 2 June 2018

Sparks - Propaganda (1974)


Released November 1974

From late 1975, Sparks' second album was the follow up to the interesting, often bizarre debut "Kimono My House". Equally odd in places, "Propaganda" certainly matches it. Again, two great single releases in the upbeat, madcap "Something For The Girl With Everything" and the regally beautiful "Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth".

Rock's odd couple, Ron and Russell Mael also gave us quality tracks in the typical Sparks-rock of "At Home At Work At Play" and the military march chorus of "Reinforcements". "B.C." is unfortunately irritating and silly but "Thanks But No Thanks" harks back to the glories of the first album.The quality lessens a bit on the old "side two" "Achoo" is another silly one and "Who Don't Like Kids" as annoying as "B.C."

Despite the few low spots, it is still an enjoyable piece of weird 70s glam-pop.


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