Sunday, 3 June 2018

Sailor - Sailor (1974) & Trouble (1975)


For a year or so around 1975-76, Sailor could do no wrong. Only so many albums that can be released about life on the ocean wave, however. Their star faded almost as soon as it had risen, over a blue desert of a sea.

Nevertheless these were/are two most enjoyable albums with Henry Marsh and Phil Pickett's joint Nickelodeon playing to the fore and Georg Kajanus's Bryan Ferry-style looks and voice dominating every track. Lyrics about ports, oceans, prostitutes, bars and harbours abound in some most atmospheric songs such as "A Sailor's Night On The Town", "Let's Go To Town", "Josephine Baker", "The Girls Of Amsterdam" and the marvellously evocative and sad "The Old Nickelodeon Sound". "Traffic Jam" was an ecological "almost hit" single form the debut album and "Blue Desert" an appealing ballad about the sea. "Sailor" is a rousing song to his ship mates urging them to take care of themselves. All stirring singalong stuff.

As a few other people seem to have noticed, looking at reviews of these CDs, have pointed out, some of the tracks do indeed appear to have been lifted direct from vinyl, complete with scratches! This is the only way to get hold of these albums - therefore so be it. I had the same problem with Dan McCafferty's solo album and G.T. Moore & The Reggae Guitars' two 70s albums.

The link below is to Sailor's Greatest Hits, as these albums are not available.


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