Friday, 1 June 2018

Roxy Music - Viva! (1976)


Released in August 1976

Live recordings from 1973 to 1975


1. Out Of The Blue
2. Pyjamarama
3. The Bogus Man
4. Chance Meeting
5. Both Ends Burning
6. If There Is Something
7. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
8. Do The Strand

Released after Roxy Music's first incarnation had taken their four year sojourn, in 1976, this is a good, but a little frustrating live album, in that it only contains eight songs, one of which is the extended mono-paced "The Bogus Man". I do feel more tracks should have been included, to be honest. 1979's "Showing Out" is a much better live album, however, this is the only official release from this period.

"Out Of The Blue" is a killing opener, with Phil Manzanera's brilliant guitar solo, then we get a slow-paced, atmospheric "Pyjamarama" before the afore-mentioned "Bogus Man". "Chance Meeting" is beautiful and "Both Ends Burning" a frantic, disco-influenced groove.

"If There Is Something" from the band's debut album is one of this album's highspots, along with the old blow-up doll song "In Every Dream Home A Heartache", again, complete with a Manzanera killer guitar solo. "Do The Strand" is a pumped-up, madcap closer with it's "Eskimos and Geordies" line for Ferry's home-town Newcastle audience and also the appropriate instrumental additions to the "fandango" and "tango" references.

The sound quality is excellent on this 1999 remaster.


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