Sunday, 3 June 2018

Mink De Ville - Coup De Grace (1981)


Released October 1981

Willy “Mink” De Ville’s worthy fourth album, released in late 1981 was more of the same - Latin influenced soul rock. Some classic De Ville on here - the rock of  “Just Give Me One Good Reason”, the saxophone-dominated  “Maybe Tomorrow”, the piano-driven street soul of “Love And Emotion”“Love Me Like You Did Before” is a storming rocker, while “Teardrops Must Fall”“So In Love Are We” and the lovely “She Was Made In Heaven” all fit the bill - romantic lyrics against a melodic backing and De Ville’s unique, nasal but soulful voice.

Also present is a truly superb cover of The Rolling Stones’ sixties track “You Better Move On”Critics at the time were starting to moan a bit about De Ville’s following the same tried and tested path with each album, which was a shame because his albums were all eminently listenable but I have to say I understood where they were coming from.


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