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KC & The Sunshine Band - Do It Good (1974)

Released in 1974

An impressive debut in 1974 from Florida's funky soul band, KC & The Sunshine Band, on the JayBoy label that had also spawned George McCrae (for whom KC & The Sunshine Band played the music and their songwriting team of Casey and Finch wrote the songs).


1. Do It Good
2. Sound Your Funky Horn
3. Baby I Want Your Loving
4. Queen Of Clubs
5. Blow Your Whistle
6. I'm A Pushover
7. You Don't Know
8. I Need A Little Lovin'
9. All My Love

KC had a brand of funky, upbeat soul, with guitar to the fore and backed by a horn section. Nowhere is this more evident than on one of my all-time favourite pre-disco 70s dance grooves - the titanic "Sound Your Funky Horn". Man, what a great single that was. I loved it then and I love it now. The opener of the album, "Do It Good" sets the groove impressively and there is also the band's first hit single, the poppy "Queen Of Clubs". "Blow Your Whistle" continues the "Sound Your Funky Horn" party groove and "Baby I Want Your Lovin'" and "I'm A Pushover" all continue in the same style.

There is not much variance in the sound of the material, but no matter, really, this is an enjoyable slice of 70s poppy soul/funk. Not a duff track on it, comparatively, as long as you accept that it is what it is. Don't expect too much from it and you will be more than satisfied.

The sound quality, as on all these BBR releases, is excellent. Excellent remastering.


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