Sunday, 3 June 2018

John Lennon - Mind Games (1973)


Released October 1973

Recorded at Record Plant Studios New York City

Released in 1973, this is a quite underrated John Lennon album. Firstly, I have to say that I vastly prefer these 2002 remasters (with the extra bonus tracks). To be perfectly honest, I find the 2010 remasters far to tinny and pretty much unlistenable. Not surprising, as I like my remasters full and bassy. Many people, however, prefer the 2010s so I am probably in the minority.

To the album, the title track is often not discussed as one of Lennon’s greats, but I love it, something catchy in its strange keyboard sweeps. “Tight A§” is an appealing, upbeat rocker and, despite its somewhat sickly sentiments, “Aisumasen (I”m Sorry”)” is still a good song, as is “One Day At A Time” which has a great chorus.

My own personal favourite is the protest vibe of “Bring On The Lucie”. “Out The Blue” is one of those songs that just says “John Lennon” when you hear it. So typical. As also is the beautiful “Intuition”. In fact, they are all good. There isn’t a duff track on this album, in my opinion. “Meat City” is a raucous, pounding rocker to end the album with. Big booming bass on it. Listen to the 2002 version then the 2010 to hear the superiority of the former. No comparison.

A lot of people have said that this album contains maybe just a few decent songs. I have to disagree with that. In a year that saw so many excellent albums released, this one is more than worthy of standing up there with them.


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