Sunday, 3 June 2018

Joanne Shaw Taylor - Diamonds In The Dirt (2010)


Released in 2010

After her stunning debut album 2009’s “White Sugar”, West Midlands blues girl Joanne relocated to the USA (which would obviously suit her music) and produced this album in 2010.


1. Can't Keep Living Like This
2. Dead And Gone
3. Same As It Never Was
4. Jump That Train
5. Who Do You Love?
6. Diamonds In The Dirt
7. Let It Burn
8. World On Fire
9. Lord Have Mercy
10. The World And Its Way

Just listen to the opener, “Can’t Keep Living Like This”. A slow, acoustic beginning and some ethereal, late night lyrics for a while and you are lulled into a false sense of security and think “Joanne’s changed her style and gone all reflective” and then BOOM! The drums, bass and her searing guitar kick in and we get four or five minutes of full on, gravel-voiced earthy blues rock heaven. The quality continues with the rich, warm power of the cooking “Dead And Gone”. Lordy, this girl can play the blues! The cleverly-titled “Same As It Never Was” has a nice, tuneful, more subtle opening, with a great bass line underpinning. Joanne’s voice is lovely on this one too, showing she can vary the tone when required.

As on “White Sugar”, there is a killer guitar solo on literally every track. “Jump That Train” is a Southern-style blues Gregg Allman would have been proud of. “Who Do You Love” continues the high standard, with more great guitar and a good slow bit in the middle and the title track has a knockout soulful vocal over an intoxicating backing.

Look, I could go on, track after track. This is simply a great album. It blows you away. Another reviewer somewhere has said it is “the mutt’s nuts”. They are dead right. And some.


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