Sunday, 3 June 2018

Joan Armatrading - Me Myself I (1980)

All the way from America....


Released March 1980

Recorded at The Record Plant, New York City

Great memories of a great album from 1980. After the folky, acoustic feel of her earlier album "Joan Armatrading" in 1976 and the same groove continued on a few subsequent albums, Joan Armatrading introduced a more rocky, electric guitar based sound for this outing.


1. Me Myself I

2. Ma-Me-O Beach
3. Friends
4. Is It Tomorrow Yet?
5. Turn Out The Light
6. When You Kisses Me
7. All The Way From America
8. Feeling In My Heart (For You)
9. Simon
10. I Need You                                                

The single most people know, "Me Myself, I" is a great start and the standard is continued through the funky "Ma Me O Beach" and the rocking "Is It Tomorrow Yet?". "Turn Out The Light" implores a listener to do just that (if in company!) and indeed that brings back some good memories for me of those times. The heartbreaking "I Need You" and "A Feeling In My Heart For You" even more so. 

"All The Way From America" is another sad, acoustic-driven one. Then there is the funky “When You Kisses Me”. Some upbeat, good time stuff on here but some emotional tear jerkers too.

For me, just memories of student bedsit days. Thanks Joan.


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