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Ian Hunter - You're Never Alone With A Schizophrenic (1979)


Released March 1979

Recorded at The Power Station, New York City

By 1979, the punks who had railed at existing rock bands had calmed down and revealed their pre-existing appreciation. This was certainly true of Mick Jones of The Clash, who along with other members, helped long-time idol Ian Hunter out on this impressive mid-Atlantic rock album.


1. Just Another Night

2. Wild East
3. Cleveland Rocks
4. Ships
5. When The Daylight Comes
6. Life After Death
7. Standin' In My Light
8. Bastard
9. The Outsider                                            

Hunter’s obsession with all things American, living there and musically-influenced by there led to US-style mid-paced rockers like “Just Another Night” and the soul rock of “Wild East”. “When The Daylight Comes” had a similar, almost laid back AOR style. “Cleveland Rocks” was a bit more upbeat and punky and “Ships” was one of those classic Hunter ballads, this time about his relationship with his father.

“Life After Death” is a quirky rocker and “Standin’ In My Light” a slow burner in similar style to the rest of the album. “Bastard” sees Hunter in vengeful mode against someone (unknown, probably in the music industry) against an insistent funky guitar and drum backing. The orchestrated piano and strings big ballad “The Outsider” ends the album with Hunter in full “Englishman in the USA” character that he used in “All American Alien Boy”, the title track from his excellent 1976 outing.

Of its time, but enjoyable enough every now and again.


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