Monday, 4 June 2018

Hot Chocolate - RAK Label Eight Albums Box Set


Albums from 1974 to 1982

Hot Chocolate led by the late and much-missed Errol Brown were known firstly for being, after The Equals from the late sixties, one of the first multi-racial chart bands. They really were quite unusual in the early to mid-seventies. Secondly, they were known for their literally huge catalogue of hit singles, many of which need no introduction - "You Sexy Thing", "Man To Man", "Don't Stop It Now", "It Started With A Kiss" and "So You Win Again" to name just a few.

What is often forgotten is they they released a few excellent albums. The first two in particular, 1974's "Cicero Park" and 1975's eponymous "Hot Chocolate" tackled social issues with tracks like "Call The Police", "Cicero Park", "Could Have Been Born In The Ghetto", "Changing World", "The Street", "Hello America" and "Amazing Skin Song" were pretty ground breaking in their themes, particularly from a chart act from Chinn/Chapman's RAK stable. Unfortunately, neither the excellent "Brother Louie" or "Rumours" from 1973 are included here. They are available on "A's B's And Rarities".

The quality of the albums tails off a little towards and in to the 1980s but this is definitely a set worth owning. The sound quality is excellent, a fine remastering.


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