Monday, 4 June 2018

Free - Heartbreaker (1973)


Released January 1973

Recorded at Island Studios, London

Free bowed out in 1973 as they had begun in 1968, with more blues-drenched rock. No pretensions here or in any of their six studio albums and one live album. You knew what you were going to get from these tight denim-trousered lads - big, ballsy blues rock. This was also the first album to feature Japanese bassman Tetsu Yamauchi who also went on to (briefly) play with Rod Stewart & The Faces. Highlights are the wonderful rocking last great single, "Wishing Well", "Travellin' In Style" and my own personal favourite, "Seven Angels".

Although there were tensions within the group by now as they came to their parting of the ways, it doesn't really show on this recording. Singer Paul Rodgers went on to front Bad Company after this, by the way, in case some were not aware (unlikely!).

Free's contribution to late sixties/early seventies British blues rock was immense. They should never be underrated or indeed forgotten.

I have included both remasterings in the links below.


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