Monday, 4 June 2018

Free - Free Live (1971)


Released September 1971

Recorded live in Sunderland and Croydon

Although this latest 2016 remastering is excellent, more subtle and a bit less thumping than the previous one (which I also enjoyed a lot too, to be honest) I feel the previous one gives a bit more value in that there are four additional live bonus tracks, three alternative live versions and an alternative take of "Get Where I Belong".

The original album is fine, however, if you just want a quick seven song burst of just what the best (arguably) British blues rock outfit were like on stage in the early 70s. Recorded at gigs in Sunderland and Croydon and Sunderland in January and September 1970 they crowd noise is edited to make it sound like the tracks all follow on from each other, which is good.

The band are on fire, the rough and ready opener of "All Right Now" has no imperfections ironed out and therein lies its appeal. It is "warts 'n' all". "Mr. Big", "Fire And Water", "The Hunter". All excellent. Big, bassy, pounding guitar-based blues rock. A essential as the air we breathe. Love it.

I have included both remasterings on the links below.


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