Monday, 4 June 2018

Free - Free At Last (1972)


Released June 1972

Many people consider this to be Free's worst album. I am not so sure about that as it contains a copper-bottomed Free classic in “Little Bit Of Love” with its stimulating bass line and Paul Rodgers’ soulful vocal. Not far behind is the mighty “Travellin’ Man”

The opener, “Catch A Train” is superb too. Again a great bass line, pounding drums and searing lead guitar. Rodgers’ voice can never be questioned, of course.

“Soldier Boy” has a slow burning menace to it. “Sail On” is up there too. “Magic Ship” sounds like Free on top form to me too. Just listen to that piano/guitar/drum end bit. “Guardian Of The Universe” is not their best, however, and “Child” is redeemed by its strong bass line.

There is some good stuff on here, nevertheless, Give it a little bit of love.

I have included both remasterings in the links below.


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