Saturday, 2 June 2018

Faces - Five Guys Walk Into A Bar

Poolhall Richard, you're far too wicked....


The best of lead and bass guitarists Ronnies Wood & Lane, drummer Kenney Jones, pianist Ian McLagan and, of course, vocalist Rod Stewart includes their fantastic singles - the monumental “Stay With Me”; the underrated “Cindy Incidentally”; the upbeat, rocking “Pool Hall Richard” and the final, excellent farewell from the band of “You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything”.There are also bluesy rockers in “Bad ‘n’ Ruin”, “Miss Judy’s Farm” and “You’re So Rude”. Rather like their contemporaries, Free, there were no pretentions to The Faces whatsoever. Just good time, honest barroom rock with a bluesy edge.

There’s more, The lovely “Sweet Lady Mary” is very much a Rod Stewart song, as if it could have been from his solo albums from the same period, the folky “Ooh La La” and “Three Button Hand Me Down”, about a suit, is just Faces-style rock at its best. They also cover Bob Dylan’s “Wicked Messenger”.

Too many highlights to go through them all. This compilation really covers this excellent band comprehensively. Just pour yourself a drink and enjoy.


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