Saturday, 2 June 2018

Diana Ross & The Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go (1964)


Released in August 1964

Recorded at Hitsville, Detroit

This review is for the download of the Hip-O-Select remaster with additional bonus and live tracks.Firstly, the sound on all of these releases ("Meet The Supremes"; "I Hear A Symphony"; this one and "Supremes A Go-Go") is absolutely superb. With all of them you get both the MONO and STEREO versions of the original album plus a further CD's worth of "extras" - unreleased material and live cuts. As a confirmed stereo man, I much prefer the stereo versions. They are simply wonderfully remastered. As good as I have ever heard this material.

The original album contains Supremes gems in the title track, the massive hit of "Baby Love" and the upbeat, insistent "Come See About Me". Also the underrated and singalong "When The Love Light Starts Shining Through His Eyes", the jaunty "Run Run Run" and "Ask Any Girl".

The "EXTRAS" material is largely of a good sound quality, although there are a few "scratchy" recordings. Highlights are a previously undiscovered gem in the brooding, bluesy "My Imagination", with its Animals-style organ which certainly does not fit the Motown three minute song blueprint; the soulful ballad "Let Me Hear You Say I Love You"; the Motown pop of "Penny Pincher" and "Send Me No Flowers" and the Drifters-esque "You're Gonna Come To Me". If some of these tracks had been released as an album, it certainly would not have been what was expected of the "chart act" that The Supremes were becoming. It would have been a somewhat serious soul album.

The LIVE cuts at the end see the sort of live act that The Supremes were destined to become - a "cabaret" act, unfortunately.


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