Saturday, 2 June 2018

Curtis Mayfield - Give, Get, Take & Have (1976)

Mr. welfare man....


Released in 1976

Recorded at Curtom Studios. Chicago

After the potent socio-political run of albums in Curtis, Roots, Superfly, Back To The World and the previous year’s There’s No Place Like America Today, Curtis Mayfield went all soulful with this predominantly laid-back collection of loved-up tributes to his new love.


1. In Your Arms Again (Shake It)

2. This Love Is Sweet
3. PS (I Love You)
4. Party Night
5. Get A Little Bit 
6. Soul Music
7. Only You Babe
8. Mr. Welfare Man                                  

Mr. Welfare Man is the only “comment” song that acts as an antidote to all the saccharine on show, but no matter, it is a pleasant late-night album. Immaculately played with excellent sound quality. Tracks like PS I Love You, In Your Arms Again, the falsetto of Only You Babe and the disco groove of Party Night offer a lighter alternative to all that urban decay as expressed on previous works. In a way, it is nice to hear Mayfield in a more relaxed vein, just for a change.