Saturday, 2 June 2018

Cream - Cream Gold


Firstly, what a bloomin’ great remaster! Considering this material dates from the late sixties the sound quality is SUPERB. Excellent clarity and stereo separation. One of the best sixties remasters I have ever heard.

The well known tracks are there - “I Feel Free”, “The Sunshine Of Your Love” and “Badge”. Check out the searing Eric Clapton guitar on “N.S.U.” and the booming drums on “Sweet Wine”. Also the big, rumbling bass on “I”m So Glad” with its magnificent vocal harmonies too. I had forgotten just how damn good Cream were. “Strange Brew” - wow. That guitar. Far out man. I feel the need to don a Paisley print shirt. “Tales Of Brave Ulysees” too. It’s all good.

The live stuff on CD two are excellent cuts too, extended versions as you would expect, but none the worse for it.

“Doing That Scrapyard Thing” is still a very silly song though, as some of their output unfortunately was.


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