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Bryan Ferry - These Foolish Things (1973)

A tinkling piano in the next apartment....


Released in October 1973

Recorded at Air Studios, London

It seemed it was the trend in 1973-74 to release an album of cover versions - David Bowie’s Pin Ups and John Lennon’s Rock And Roll. Bryan Ferry was the first, I believe, in the autumn of 1973. As a long term Ferry enthusiast dating back to those days I have to say unfortunately, that it is, at best, a patchy album.


1. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

2. River Of Salt
3. Don't Ever Change
4. Piece Of My Heart
5. Baby I Don't Care
6. It's My Party
7. Don't Worry Baby
8. Sympathy For The Devil
9. The Tracks Of My Tears
10. You Won't See Me
11. I Love How You Love Me
12. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
13. These Foolish Things                                    

Bookended by its two standout tracks, A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall and the lovely, atmospheric These Foolish Things what lies in between is somewhat varying in quality.

Elvis’s Baby I Don't Care suits Ferry well enough, as does I Love How You Love Me  and, to a certain extent, The Four TopsLoving You Is Sweeter Than Ever. However, he just can’t get to grips with Janis Joplin’s Piece Of My Heart, The Beach BoysDon't Worry Baby and Smokey Robinson’s The Tracks of My Tears. Even worse, his take on The Rolling StonesSympathy For The Devil is quite simply the worst cover version I have heard from anyone.

Don't Ever Change and The BeatlesYou Won't See Me restore things a little bit but overall this is a pretty underwhelming effort.

Thankfully, the follow-up album Another Time, Another Place was a massive improvement.Oh, the sound quality is excellent throughout, by the way.

Below is a clip of Ferry preforming A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall


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