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Bryan Ferry - In Your Mind (1977)

See the veiled prophet's withered gaze reflect the nouvelle vague....


Released February 1977

Recorded at Air Studios, London

Possibly my favourite of Bryan Ferry's solo albums. This 1977 offering of all self-penned material has a rocky edge and is nothing like the smooth lounge bar laid-back output he has specialised in since the mid 1980s.


1. This Is Tomorrow

2. All Night Operator
3. One Kiss
4. Love Me Madly Again
5. Tokyo Joe
6. Party Doll
7. Rock Of Ages
8. In Your Mind                                     

There are only eight tracks but they all have their merits. It kicks off with the rocking This Is Tomorrow, with its great brass and guitar, which was a hit single and then we get the slower but catchy All Night Operator, which wouldn't have sounded out of place on Roxy's Country Life. Another, even more catchy, number is up next in the romantic saxophone-dominated One Kiss.

The old "side one" finishes with an extended rock jam of a song in Love Me Madly Again which features some great guitar work and a good rock vocal from Ferry.

The album's other hit single begins the old "side two" - another impossibly catchy one in the singalong Tokyo Joe, with its obvious Japanese musical inflections. 

Party Doll is an upbeat, organ-driven rocker and Rock Of Ages is suitably anthemic to match its hymnal title. Great rousing chorus on this one.

Finally, there is the rocking but sad refrain of In Your Mind, this could have been a Roxy Music Phase Two song. Dylanesque lyrics, great delivery from Ferry. Great playing from the musicians involved. It really builds up as it continues on, insistently, then comes down again, while retaining its melancholy. Not really sure how to express what I mean here but there is a tragic feel to this song, I feel.

This is just a good late 70s rock album. Nothing more nothing less. Nice one.

Below is a clip of Ferry performing This Is Tomorrow


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