Saturday, 2 June 2018

Boz Scaggs - Memphis (2013)


Released March 2013

Recorded at Royal Studios, Memphis

Some artists just don’t let you down. They are honest artists who release honest music and have been doing so for years. Boz Scaggs is one of those artists.


1. Gone Baby Gone
2. So Good To Be Here
3. Mixed-Up, Shook-Up Girl
4. Rainy Night In Georgia
5. Love On A Two Way Street
6. Pearl Of The Quarter
7. Cadillac Walk
8. Corinna, Corinna
9. Can I Change My Mind
10. Dry Spell
11. You Got Me Cryin'
12. Sunny Gone

There is a wonderful Memphis soul feel to this album. Just listen to the first two tracks, as Boz evokes Al Green. That organ backing on “Gone Baby Gone” and the drum sound and Boz’s Green-esque vocal on “So Good To Be Here”. Oh and did I mention the horns? The beautiful laid-back soul groove of “Love On A Two Way Street” is intoxicating. “Can I Change My Mind” is a lovely piece of relaxing late night soul, while “Dry Spell” features some searing Chris Rea-style blues slide guitar. “You Got Me Cryin’” is a good slow blues too.

As a huge Mink De Ville fan, I was interested to hear the covers of one of my favourites, “Mixed Up Shook Up Girl” and the swamp-rock-ish “Cadillac Walk”. Boz does them justice. As he also does Steely Dan’s New Orleans-inspired “Pearl Of The Quarter”. Covers of “Rainy Night In Georgia” (which has to be covered well, or not at all) and “Corinna Corinna”, where he sounds like acoustic Bruce Springsteen, are similarly impressive. “Sunny Gone” closes the album in reflective, slow jazzy mood.

As I said you can trust Boz. You can’t really go wrong.



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