Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Rubinoos - Back To The Drawing Board (1979)

More than a one-night stand but not out of hand....


Released September 1979

Recorded in California

The second and final album for the original line-up of Jon Rubin, Tommy Dunbar, Donn Spindt and Royse Ader, which was a shame. It never got so good again for the Californian band.

The album is more of the same fare as the previous years’ debut - Beach Boys and 60s bubblegum pop influenced “power pop”. They had an ear for a tune and Rubin’s voice is crystal clear again. 


1. Falling In Love

2. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
3. Promise Me
4. Hold Me
5. Ronnie
6. Drivin' Music
7. Operator
8. Jennifer
9. Arcade Queen
10. Lightning Love Affair
11. 1-2-3 Forever                                          

Highlights are the lovely Lightning Love Affair, Operator, Promise Me the rocking Arcade Queen, Jennifer and the (almost) hit single I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend(subject of a lawsuit with Avril Lavigne over its similarity to her song Girlfriend, which was settled out of court). 

Qualifying as weaker, "filler" tracks are Hold Me and 1-2-3 Forever. Falling In Love, Ronnie and Jennifer are ok in that goofy, teenager in love sort of way. 

An inessential album, but always a pleasure to listen to it again. Very nostalgic for me. 


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