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The Rolling Stones - Some Girls (1978)

We're gonna bring a case of wine....


Released June 1978

Recorded at Pathe Marconi Studios, Paris

Running time 40.45

In 1978, the disco boom had taken over the charts, thanks to the previous year’s “Saturday Night Fever” and everyone, it seemed, from Abba to Roxy Music were encouraged to put out a disco influenced single. Why, even The Stones got in on the act. The result was the extremely impressive disco/funk groove of “Miss You” which showed people that they were able to diversify. It was also the first album to feature Ronnie Wood as a full band member.


1. Miss You
2. When The Whip Comes Down
3. Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
4. Some Girls
5. Lies
6. Far Away Eyes
7. Respectable
8. Before They Make Me Run
9. Beast Of Burden
10. Shattered                                                                      

Overall, “Some Girls”  is considered to be the band’s best offering for six years, since 1972’s “Exile On Main Street”. It is very much a New York album, with Big Apple references prevalent throughout. Indeed, Mick Jagger said of it - 

“The inspiration for the record was really based in New York and the ways of the town. I think that gave it an extra spur and hardness. And then, of course, there was the punk thing that had started in 1976. Punk and disco were going on at the same time, so it was quite an interesting period”. 

It also has a decadent seediness to it in songs like “When The Whip Comes Down”, the saucy “Some Girls” and the invigorating “Beast Of Burden”. Mick Jagger is in full leery mode on the funk rock of “Shattered” and “Respectable” and reprises his “Dead Flowers” from “Sticky Fingers” country-hick voice on the oddly appealing “Far Away Eyes”. The is a strong case towards the fact that Jagger wrote a lot of this material on his own, with possible help from Wood, as Keith Richards was pretty drugged-up and embroiled in court cases at the time. It does seem very much like a Jagger album (Richards’ “Before They Make Me Run” excepted).

Their cover of The Temptations “Imagination” is acceptable too. Nowhere near the original, but they put their own stamp on it.

Despite the album coming out at the height of punk, the music cognoscenti respected it, so too did the punks. So much for “No Elvis, Beatles or The Rolling Stones..”

The album has always had something of a tinny sound to it, however, and no amount of remastering seems to be able to correct that.



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