Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Rolling Stones - Made In The Shade and Sucking In The 70s


Released June 1975

A great album of music, of course - “Brown Sugar”, “Tumbling Dice”, the beautiful “Angie”, “It’s Only Rock n Roll”, “Happy”, “Rip This Joint”. All great stuff. However, it is a bit of a pointless release. It was upon its original release in 1974 and it is now. It is not a “greatest hits” or even a “best of”. Neither is it a “rarities” collection. Every now and again, though, I play it, just for a quick half an hour or so of seventies Stones. A better brief compilation of seventies (and eighties) Stones would be “Rewind” or “Jump Back”.



Released April 1981

A bit of a strange, somewhat pointless compilation, this one. Covering material from 1974-1980, six of the ten tracks are questionably edited from their album originals -

"Hot Stuff" and "Mannish Boy" losing up to two minutes of playing time and the beautiful, underrated "Time Waits For No-One" losing much of its lovely guitar-driven denouement. I know the original album included these edited versions but maybe there is a case for the contemporary CD and digital releases containing the full unedited versions of the tracks. The edited versions render the album even more unessential.

There are three rarities, however. Firstly, the strangely tinny mastering of the 1974 b side "Everything Is Turning To Gold" which sits uneasily with the other excellent remasters; then we have a live cut from 1978 of the leery Some Girls track "When The Whip Comes Down" and finally a different version of "Dance Part 1" from Emotional Rescue entitled "If I Was A Dancer", with slightly different lyrics snd a slightly more funky groove.

All in all, owning this is really only for completists and those who remember playing the original album. The problem with the edited tracks is easily solved by making a digital playlist using the original album versions.

I have always loved "Crazy Mama", though. Another often ignored belter.


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