Thursday, 31 May 2018

The Ramones - End Of The Century (1980)

We can't go surfing 'cos it's twenty below....


Released February 1980

Recorded in Hollywood

In 1980, The Ramones brought in the production genius that was the legendary Phil Spector for this, their fifth studio album. They had diversified just a little on their previous album, Road To Ruin and this outing saw them broadening their horizons even more while still remaining true to their punk roots.


1. Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio

2. I'm Affected
3. Danny Says
4. Chinese Rock
5. The Return Of Danny And Judy
6. Let's Go
7. Baby, I Love You
8. I Can't Make It On Time
9. This Ain't Havana
10. Rock 'n' Roll High School
11. All The Way
12. High Risk Insurance

 With Spector's help, they laid down a killer cover of The Ronettes' Baby I Love You, although nothing could hope to compete with the original. Why, it even included orchestration. Strings? On a Ramones record? Wow! 

Rock 'n' Roll Radio was a big production "wall of sound" tribute to old rock n rollers and DJs. Most of the other material was more punky - the catchy Rock 'n' Roll High School (used in the film of the same name; my own personal favourite in All The Way; Richard Hell & The Voidoids' Chinese Rock; This Ain't Havana and High Risk Insurance. All these are punk in nature, but still have a tunefulness to them, as indeed does the almost laid back feel (at times) of I'm Affected

Another favourite is the "slowie", Danny Says about their road manager. Lovely melody and delivery by Joey.

This is just a little different from what we had come to expect from The Ramones, within reason. They even used a few extra bits of percussion and I'm sure there is a acoustic guitar in there somewhere.


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