Thursday, 31 May 2018

The O' Jays - Family Reunion (1975): Travelling At The Speed Of Thought (1977)

Released November 1975 and May 1977

Both recorded at Sigma Studios, Philadelphia

While not having the sheer quality and hard-hitting social perspective of the first two Philadelphia albums, bot these pieces of work are still eminently listenable. As alluded to earlier, disco had by now entered the mainstream of soul music and tracks like “Unity”, “Travellin’ At The Speed Of Light” and the hit disco single “I Love Music” exemplify that. 

There are still quality funk workouts though, like “Family Reunion” and “Living For The Weekend” (check out the bass on this one) and addictive sweet slow soul in tracks such as “You And Me”, the Parliament-style funk vocal of “She’s Only A Woman”, “So Glad I Got You, Girl” and an impressive cover of Morris Albert’s hit “Feelings”.

Some have said that the quality tailed off in these two albums. I have to disagree on that one. They are still highly impressive releases. They didn’t sell well, however, and that signified the end of The O’Jays’ best years.


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