Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Beach Boys - Sunflower (1970)

I gotta love you anyway....


Released August 1970

Recorded at The Beach Boys Studio, Los Angeles

After an album that I enjoy a lot personally in “Wild Honey”, The Beach Boys continued rediscovering their mojo with this greatly underrated classic from 1970. You can stick your vegetables and wind chimes, this is an eminently preferable Beach Boys album. The harmonies in here are perfect, as is the backing. The songs are full and back to being perfectly constructed.


1. Slip On Through

2. This Whole World
3. Add Some Music To Your Day
4. Got To Know The Woman
5. Deirdre
6. It's About Time
7. Tears In The Morning
8. All I Wanna Do
9. Forever
10. Our Sweet Love
11. At My Window
12. Cool, Cool Water                                        

The instantly catchy “This Whole World”, the quirkily appealing “Add Some Music To Your Day” and the uplifting, thoroughly beautiful “Forever” are standouts. “Got To Know The Woman” is both powerful and harmonious and “Deirdre” is a throwback to their best early/mid sixties material. 

“It’s About Time” is a rocky number with some decidedly un-Beach Boys style percussion and a big rumbling bass line in the middle. Even a bit of rock guitar. I love this one. So different to pretty much anything they had done before. As indeed, is “Tears In The Morning” which somehow has echoes of John Lennon, I think, anyway. “All I Wanna Do” has a Beatles-ish drum sound too. “Our Sweet Love” is just beautiful. The songs on here are what “Smile” should have sounded like, in my opinion. They are considerably better than any of that drug-addled, half-baked drivel. Mind you, “At My Window” has uncomfortable echoes of those bad days though. Forgivable on this album. The same applies to “Cool, Cool Water” which has some intoxicating parts.

This is just a perfectly constructed, laid back, beautiful album. It is a mature, adult album. It rarely gets mentioned, like the equally underrated “Holland”. The remastered sound is very good too. Well worth a listen.


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