Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On (1973)


Released August 1973

Recorded at Hitsville USA, Detroit

Released in 1973, Marvin Gaye didn't attempt to repeat the social/religious comment of the titanic achievement that was "What's Goin' On". Instead he went all "Love Man" style and let his lady be in no doubt that she sure loved to ball and they should get it on as soon as possible.

Forget the somewhat macho posturing of the lyrics this is an exercise in soulful seductive perfection. Immaculately remastered, the sound is warm, full and lush, as it should be. The bookends of the old "side one" - "Let's Get It On" and "Keep Gettin' It On" are wonderful, all funky guitar, percussion and saxophone and, of course, Gaye's intuitive vocal. "You Sure Love To Ball" and "If I Should Die Tonight" are other highlights. The whole album just washes over you, very pleasantly. Gaye's "sexy" stuff did not get much better than this (although) "I Want You" came close and "Sexual Healing" was a last great hurrah, much later, in 1982.

The extra material contains another version of "Let's Get It On" which is equally stunning and the two parts of "You're The Man" - a funk masterpiece. The instrumentals and "alternative" versions are all worthy of one's time.

C'mon Baby - you know what I'm talkin' about…


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