Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Big Audio Dynamite - No. 10 Upping Street (1986)


Released October 1986

Recorded at Trident Studios, London

Jones re-united with his old Clash mate Joe Strummer on this one. From the upbeat, hip-hop influenced opener "C'mon Every Beatbox", through the nostalgic, sensitive "Beyond The Pale" (about Jones' grandparents and their emigration to the UK from Russia) to the fast paced, dance-style "Limbo The Law" and the Brazilian strains of "Sambadrome", complete with authentic football commentary, the old "side one" is impressive. 

The next batch of songs are just as good - the melodic "V Thirteen", the slightly clumsy but humorous "Ticket" and the laid back grooves of "Hollywood Boulevard", with its references to Peter O’Toole and Oliver Reed and "Dial A Hitman" both of which are highly amusing in places, lyrically, and the closer, the urgent, punchy "Sightsee M.C.". Good stuff all round. It sounds a tiny bit dated now, but not enough to seriously detract from its merits.


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